Thursday, February 21, 2008

China Wants to Become a Leader - Be Careful What You Wish For

Ever since America took the center stage, China has been struggling to achieve the position of the strongest nation in the world. But the truth is, is it really prepared to take that position? Well, before China becomes the center of the world it has to

- Be prepared to be hated and betrayed by many other nations, even if it has helped those nations in the past through economic difficulty or military conflict (like France, for instance, after America saved its butt).

- Be prepared to be targeted/threatened by several hostile nations, including terrorist organizations.

- Be prepared to be ridiculed and mocked by other nations behind their back, if not in front of their face, just for being what it is.

- Be prepared to get involved in nearly every major conflict or crisis that happens in the world even if it doesn't necessarily involve China. And if China doesn’t get involved, it has to be prepared to be heavily criticized for that.

- Be prepared to be constantly accused and knit-picked by other nations and outside groups, even for the smallest things (like for not being “cultured” enough or junk like that).

- Be prepared to have its national history held up, knit-picked, criticized, and mocked on the world stage from time to time.

- Be prepared to handle more internal conflicts as its own people become more exposed to the outside world and outside ideas (once you’re #1 in the world, there’s very little you could do to keep the outside world out).

From everything that I've heard from most of the Chinese nationalists that I’ve known and run into, they always seem to carry the assumption that once China becomes the leader of the world, then it would be smooth sailing for that nation from there on in. As a proud American and as a person who lived in America all his life, trust me—being considered the leading nation of the world isn’t as thrilling as some native Chinese would think. In fact, if China wants so badly to have that position, then it can go ahead and take it. Chances are, America needs a short break (heck, I need a break from all this crap being thrown at my country) and China will probably end up regretting it. But that’s just me. What say you?

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