Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Theory of What's Going On in Lost - The Time War

Okay, I know I'm probably not the first to think about this theory regarding what's going on in the Lost TV series (in fact I think this theory's already out there), but here it is:

Theory: The entire series is based on a Time War that's been waging between two different sides from the distant/a possible future.

For those of you who have been keeping up with series, Benjamin Linus and his "Others" compose one side of the war, while Mr. Widmore and his group composes the other.

Evidence for this:
1.) The apparent hints of "teleportation" by Benjamin and the Others (e.g. the Others having the ability to appear out of nowhere, Benjamin waking up in the African desert wearing polar gear, Jacob's cabin "teleporting" here and there, etc.).

2.) The time difference on the Island and the constant theme of time travel being bought up in Desmond's storyline.

3.) The "rules" that apparently are shared between Ben and Mr. Widmore. The rules could be regulations set up to prevent either one from damaging the time stream through killing certain people or altering certain events.

4.) The mysterious old lady in Desmond's trip to the past (early Season 3). Apparently, she knew exactly how every event was "suppose" to happen and what event "shouldn't" happen.

5.) Daniel Faraday's invention--it has the ability to "stick" an "unstick" people from time. Perhaps this device, in combination with his visit to the Island leads to the technology of time/space mastery, which may have triggered the Time War.

6.) Matthew Abaddon telling Locke in the past that he'll meet him once again (he seems to be a minion of Widmore).

7.) Richard Alpert's agelessness. Either he's literally immortal or he's also been separated by time and space for the purpose of the time war.

8.) The Voices -- the voices in the jungle could be echoes from people in the future as they observe the past and decide to intervene.

9.) Aldo (a minor Other) in Season 3 was reading "The History of Time". Though this is a minor clue, I believe it's important.

10.) Jacob's phasing in and out. Jacob could be out of phase from time and space.

11.) The visions of the survivors--they're encrypted communications sent by people in the future to provoke certain people into fulfill particular events for the sake of the time stream.

Possible Reasons for the Time War:
1.) Solving the Venzetti Equation (think I spelled it wrong)

2.) A war that erupted about the use of time. Should the time stream (with the Island being a possible microcosm of it) be exploited for personal gain (Widmore) or be preserved at its natural state at all cost (Jacob)?

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