Monday, August 25, 2008

Update from Massachusetts!

Greetings from Massachusetts, Mad Hermit viewers! This past week has been much busier than usual and so there's been much less time to update this blog. Fortunately, enough, by this weekend, things will be caught up and I’ll be able to fill everyone in on what’s been going on.

Currently, I’m on a trip with my family to Maine and given that I probably won’t have much Internet access for the rest of the trip (with today being an exception due to some fabulous wireless accommodation by the hotel), there won’t be much to see for the next few days. Sorry to disappoint (yeah, like anyone really cares)!

But, anywho, I’m currently trapped in a nice cozy hotel room in Massachusetts, which is the halfway point to Maine from Jersey. Tomorrow, I’ll probably be crossing over the New Hampshire border later that day.

So, I’ll try my best to bring back as many souvenirs as I can (like hopefully a kidnapped Stephen King or that weird clown from “IT”)! Wish me luck and I hope I don’t stare into the “deadlights”!

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