Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just Turned 30!

A lot of young people dread the age of 30, especially when they get there. Many people tend to make a big hype about it. And today, I just turned 30.

What grand wisdom did I find out once I became 30?

Well, first off, this did not happen

Nor this

The moral of this tale--30 is just a number.


Jesse said...

Happy birthday, Dave! There was a time when I probably would have worried about turning 30 (as I will in five short months), but eventually I realzed that it only mattered insofar as I let it matter. If we're doing what makes us happy in life, getting older isn't a problem.

I also think that as a society we place a lot of value on the idea of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Maybe every society does this and I can imagine practical reasons for doing so, but the way things are now, most people still assume the roles of children well into physical maturity, based on things like difficulty finding jobs, longer stays in college and our parents' homes, etc. As such, the marker for becoming an adult is a bit vague, but most people can agree that by the time you hit 30, you are past any excuse to still be living like a youth. And of course, our generation likes living like youths, so consequently it is pretty scary. All of a sudden it means we have to pay bills, clean up after ourselves, and sacrifice fun for, gasp, work!

I am overstating a bit, but most people can probably relate somewhat to this. My own opinion is that adulthood does not expressly mean giving up everything about who you were as a younger person to become someone else. It means you are able to live the life you want with no one looking over your shoulder, but having to take responsibility for all the choices you make. Even if it takes some sacrifice to get where you eventually want to go, I believe the journey is worth it.

Cody Carter said...

interesting...happy birthday.

David Yuen said...

Thanks guys!

Hey Jesse, you seem to have quite a mouthful to say, but I basically agree with it all.

Adulthood isn't death or the end of an old life--it's life in general, just like any other portion of a lifetime.

Good to hear from you!


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