Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Jersey Rant: Florida Drivers…In Jersey?

This is something that was lingering in my mind for quite a while, but here it is: why are there so many Florida plates in New Jersey? For nearly all the years that I’ve been on the road in my home state, I keep seeing at least several of them a week, driving slow as heck all over the place.

Pennsylvania, New York, and even Connecticut plates, I can understand, but Florida? Are these people here on vacation? What would possibly possess a person from Florida to want to come to New Jersey?

Maybe it’s just my area of NJ that happens to have these Florida drivers (coming to visit their kids over and over again or something like that). Maybe it’s some weird coincidence that I keep running into the occasional Florida driver in NJ (I’ve been cursed by some mysterious force to run into them). But there must be a reason why all these Floridians find their way to the Garden State. But it’s not occurring to me.

What say you all out there?

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Jesse said...

Old New Jerseyites have a tendency to move to Florida in their twilight years. It's cheaper and there's more sun. Of course they probably often come back to visit their children. That one makes a decent bit of sense to me, anyway.

What's weirder is the plethora of North Carolina plates I would see all the time when I lived in NJ. What's drawing them there, I have no idea.


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