Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Maine Journey (Part 2) - Kennebunkport

One of the first major stops that we had at Maine was in the nice small town of Kennebunkport. Yeah, I know the name's kinda weird and that's the first thing I thought when we were passing through. But the truth is, it was quite a beautiful place and it was pretty much by accident that we stumbled on this wonderful little chapel by the sea (St. Ann's Episcopal Church).

Besides its dated structure and its cozy interior, the best thing that caught my attention about this church is the fact that they had outdoor pews and stone pulpit right by the sea!

Here's some of the shoreline by the outdoor pews.

And, just for the sake of sentiment and to give you all an idea of where these pews are in relation to the chapel, here's a cute little picture of my mom and dad.

As I said before, the church's interior was quite cozy and beautifully simplistic. It was ornate enough to evoke the spirit of sanctity, but not overly ornate to the point of getting lost in the details. I especially enjoyed the stained glass windows that it had.

Here's more interesting craftsmanship that I found in the church, along a little schedule they posted for outdoor/indoor services.

Overall, if you're going to travel around the area, Kennebunkport is wonderful coastal town to visit.

Tip #2 for Maine Travelers
The coastal route up through Maine (Route 1 North) does not guarantee that you’ll see the coast! You’ll only get to see it sometimes, since most of the time, the trees will obscure the view. The secret to fully enjoy the Maine coast is to look out for signs pointing to specific coastal points and following them.

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