Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Maine Journey (Part 4) - Bar Harbor

Our next major stop was Bar Harbor, Maine. This nice coastal town is right by Acadia National Park and, let me tell you, visiting this place is a blast! The natural scenery was awesome and the shopping has a very quaint small-town feel to it.

Here are some of their ships.

(early afternoon)


And a nice view of their bay.

As I mentioned before, the shopping there is also quite awesome and it definitely has that nice small town New England charm to it.

Overall, Bar Harbor is definitely a location that you need to devote at least a full day to and it's probably the best location to find a motel in. Do not trust your travel agency (especially AAA) to find a nice cozy motel outside of Bar Harbor. Usually, when they mean outside, it could mean that it's an hour drive away from it (which is more work for you). It's best that you just book your hotels using your own research and wits (here's when the Internet comes in)!

To round this entry off, here's a little video footage from my first arrival to Bar Harbor. Note the whale watching ship (another thing that you should be prepared to book early if you want to add this to your trip!).

More Advice for Maine Travelers
Advice #4: Do not let AAA book your motels for you!!!
Advice #5: Devote at least one FULL day for Bar Harbor!

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