Monday, April 21, 2008

Basic Ways To Improve Your Writing

1.) Read, Read, Read

Good writers tend to be good readers. It kinda makes sense, since a person can naturally become a better writer simply by reading good writing over and over again. It's almost like anything else, except a little more cranial.

2.) Start a Blog

Practice makes perfect and the best practice is a consistent one. What makes good consistent practice? Forced motivation. Besides hiring a dependable slave-driver, a personal blog would be the next best thing to help remind you to write everyday. Cause if you want your blog to be successful and read, frequent updates are required. Can we say “positive reinforcement”?

3.) Finding Your Zone

Some writers work well in complete silence. Others with music on. Some writers are more productive with a clean desk. Others are inspired more by the kitchen table. Some writers write better in the morning and others in the evening. Find your perfect environment to write. This would require experimentation, but if you do find your “place”, keep to it and make it your own.

4.) Reduce Distractions

Close that chat window. Keep away from the TV. Disconnect your phone if you have to. Everyone gets distracted, but not everyone has to keep getting distracted. Writers are like everyone. So know thyself and learn how to stop thyself.

That’s all for now.

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