Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Earning a Living Online (AGAIN)

Here's another article that I found about some of the misconceptions regarding the idea of earning a living online. Below's the link:

7 Common Misconceptions...

All in all, here's the basic reality check from my end of the line:

- Ever since beginning this blog, I have only made about $45 from payperpost.

- In terms of Adsense revenue, so far, I've only made close to $2.

- All in all, most of my money, as a freelance writer, comes from working freelance gigs and NOT from this blog (even with Adsense, payperpost, decent promotion, and frequent updating).

So, my point is simply this: earning decent money from blogging is hard, but getting money from going out and finding freelance gigs and building up a writing portfolio is easier. That's at least the fruit of my experience.

Yes, the latter can be more time consuming than the former, but WORK is WORK--there's no going around it.

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