Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Starbucks Card: An Opportunity to Mooch Off an Over-Priced Corporation

I’m not here to purposely endorse Starbucks, but just to inform all you coffee-drinkers out there that they have this new gimmick that you should all take advantage of.

This new frill is their recently toted “Starbucks Card” (as seen above) and it functions kinda like a debit card, where you could charge it up with money and spend it at any Starbucks franchise.

The few things that make this card appealing are some of its additional benefits:

- As long as you use your card to pay for their fresh brewed coffee (iced or hot) you can get free unlimited refills as long as you stay in the store (i.e. I assume you can’t just get the coffee, walk out, and come back an hour later and ask for a free refill).

- All flavored shots or milk additions are on the house if you purchase a drink with your card.

- With any purchase of Starbucks whole beans, you can get a tall drink (any you like) for free.

So, in short, this is your one chance to enjoy Starbucks’ products on the corporation’s tab. I got one just the other weekend (as seen above, once again). The design’s pretty nifty and, if you get one online, you can actually customize the art to your liking.

I found this new Starbucks’ frill to be pretty useful, since just the other day, I spent a whole hour at one of their stores and I just kept filling up on vanilla ice-coffee over and over again. And, boy, was I buzzed. So, I would recommend it.

To learn more about it and to get one online, visit:

Please, note, this is NOT an official promotion. It’s just me telling you guys that if you want to mooch off a multi-billion dollar corporation, now’s your chance to do it.

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