Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Artist's Showcase - Samuel Godfrey George

Today's going to be another installment of "The Artist's Showcase" and, today, I've included a fairly familiar face here at "The Mad Hermit".

In the past, I've posted some of his other works on the blog, including one of his other poems (which is actually the sequel to this one), which I've used as a complimentary piece in my reading of C.S. Lewis', "The Great Divorce."

Samuel Godfrey George is not only a very skilled speaker, but he is also a very natural poet and for those of you who wish to explore more of his work, feel free to visit his youtube channel at:

The poem below, which is both written and recited by Samuel, is on the subject of lust, but it also covers a wide range of other topics, including Christianity, love, mortality, man's relationship with one another and with himself.

I found it to be a very profound and spiritual poem and it's also wonderfully written in a very meditative, very stream of consciousness manner. The artwork that Samuel includes greatly enhances the feel of the poem's subject and, if you're curious about the art that he uses, he even gives reference to all of them at the end of the video.

So sit back, enjoy, and feel free to comment!

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Anonymous said...

an artist worth his weight in gold feathers


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