Monday, March 24, 2008

Six Good Reasons Why Every Writer Should Have a Blog

1.) A blog allows your writing to gain public exposure.

2.) A blog helps you maintain the discipline of writing on a regular basis.

3.) A blog allows you to open connections with other writers, whether if they stumble onto your site or if you meet them through a blog community.

4.) A blog can also help you with some extra supplemental cash, when the writing market runs low (e.g. Adsense, payperpost, etc.)!

5.) A blog is a wonderful way to advertise yourself, whether for the purpose of getting yourself hired as a freelancer or for selling self-published works.

6.) Sanity: If you're one of those people who write fragments of stuff that can't add up to a complete work, but you don't wanna keep it to yourself, a blog is your next best thing. It scratches the brain itch.

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