Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Perfect Metaphor for Blogging

Just a few nights ago, I realized how much blogging's like the proverbial "message in a bottle"--unless you activate the privacy command, whatever you write, you seal into a "blog bottle" and toss it into the digital ocean of information, hoping that somewhere out there, a stranger would pick it up and read your message.

It's kinda like the old "BC" comic strip, when one of the cavemen characters would chisel a message on a slab of stone and send it adrift in the ocean to communicate with his pen pal who would, likewise, send a message back.

It's strange, really, how it all works out--how something that I write today, at my desk in NJ can somehow end up on someone's screen somewhere in Tokyo or Singapore or wherever else. And it's also ironic in that, even though technology has advanced so far beyond the quill and paper, age old concepts can still be as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago. Some things never change.

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