Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making a Living Online is HARD

A little confession to everyone out there who's curious about a freelance writing career, namely a career in publishing online--it is HARD work. I'm not kidding you. Even with my best work, I can barely make any living doing it, let alone doing it part time (which I'm currently doing right now). Is it impossible to make a living online? No, but for those of you who think it's all about relaxing at home and just knowing a few parlor tricks, think again. Right below is an article that I found at freelancefolder.com that sums it all up.


For those of you who might be considering going full time into freelance writing, here's my best advice to you:

1.) Do research and I mean a LOT of research.

2.) Start saving up money from your day job.

3.) Try to focus first on writing some articles and getting them published somewhere and anywhere (doesn't have to be fancy) just to get some clips into your portfolio.

4.) Try to apply for and complete some small writing gigs BEFORE you quite your day job. That way, you can not only get some backing on your writing resume, but you can also get some initial experience to see if freelancing is right for you.

5.) Be realistic, expect the worst, but, at same time, don't obsess about the worst.

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