Monday, March 10, 2008

Theoretical Question: If You Found Out That Monsters Existed

If, one day, you suddenly discover that monsters existed and are in the process of corrupting/doing harm to humanity, what would you do?

Possible Options:

1.) Go look for a good therapist.

2.) Actively “hunt” the monsters. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

3.) Lay-low and pretend they don’t exist. Maybe this will all pass and maybe the monsters might destroy themselves or get destroyed by something else. Besides, I have my own life and the life of my loved ones to worry about.

4.) Try my best to tell someone or convince the world that monsters exist.

5.) None or all of the above.

What I Would Do:
First, I’ll go with Option 1 just to find out if monsters really did exist or if I’m just going crazy. If I found out that they do exist, I’ll try to find out if anyone else out there already knows about their existence besides me. If I do find others like myself, I would try to go about sharing with them what I know about the monsters and then I’ll try to find out what they know. From there, with the same group of people, I might be able to do other things (find more “knowers”, find out more about the monsters, or find ways to subvert/destroy them).

If, however, I discover that I’m alone on this, I’ll probably:

1.) Lay low and make sure that the monsters don’t notice me.

2.) Gather as much information as I can about them (the extent of their influence on humanity, their nature/origin, their “threat” level, etc.) from a safe distance.

3.) When the time is right, I’ll then try to convince maybe my family and a few close friends of what I “know”.

4.) Depending on how well I do with gathering information about the monsters and, convincing others, I’ll then try to focus on subverting the monsters and, ultimately, revealing their existence to the rest of the world.

What I Won’t Do:
1.) Unless the monsters are attacking me or my loved ones, I will NOT actively “hunt” them. I will NOT go Boondock Saints on them.

2.) I will not go around telling everyone in public about their existence.

3.) I will not go up talk to one of them, unless I'm cornered and forced to do so.

What say you?

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