Thursday, March 6, 2008

In Honor of Ernest Gary Gygax

Well, about two days ago, Ernest Gary Gygax, the co-founder of Dungeons & Dragons passed away. As a gamer and as one who played DnD throughout his childhood, Gary will surely be missed by me. Meanwhile, in his honor, I'm gonna post this light-hearted article that I found on the Denver Westword Blogs entitled "25 Gaming Euphemisms for the Death of Gary Gygax" by Teague Bohlen. I know some of you might wonder why the use of humor to honor someone's recent death, but personally, I think Gary would have preferred it that way. For the actual article, please visit this link (click "link").

When referring to Gygax's death, you can say he:

1) Started a new character sheet.
2) Is looking for a ninth-level cleric.
3) Failed his save vs. death magic.
4) Is food for purple worms.
5) Immediately became an NPC.
6) Finished the Doritos.
7) Has gone pips up.
8) Is pushing up shriekers.
9) Cashed in his gold pieces.
10) Took the first step to lichdom.
11) Went ethereal.
12) Kicked on the end of a spear.
13) Didn't make his system shock roll.
14) Bought the farm in Hommlet.
15) Is taking a dice nap.
16) Has gone to meet Zagyg.
17) Rolled his last natural 20.
18) Went against the giants.
19) Joined the gaming table invisible.
20) Is sleeping with the sahuagin.
21) Drew the Void.
22) Ended the campaign.
23) Kicked the dice bag.
24) Retired Mordenkainen.
25) Got screwed by the DM.

-Teague Bohlen

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