Monday, December 17, 2007

Chivalry Should Not be Dead (Maybe Changed)

Nowadays, too many people get a kick out of saying “chivalry’s dead”. And a lot of them tend to say it as though it was a good thing. But why was chivalry so bad in the first place? The basic idea was supposedly that it treated women differently and, in that sense, treated them like the weaker sex.

First off, I agree with the fact that all women have just as much value as men and that all women are entitled to the same rights as any human being. Moreover, many women could be just as strong, if not stronger, than any man. If the mindset of women being the weaker sex was true to old fashioned chivalry (which it might have been), then I certainly disagree with that and that mindset can easily be changed.

But the thing is--is it wrong to be polite to a woman and treat her with respect simply because one wants to be a gentleman? I think not! Honestly, if someone’s so easily offended by being treated politely (and not patronizingly), by someone with innocent intentions, then I'd hate to be in the same room with them when they’re not.

The problem with people these days is that everyone gets so caught up in the PC-dom run around that we lose sight of common sense--even to the point where the simple act of offering a woman your seat can easily be conveyed as offensive. When people ultimately become too afraid to be polite to each other, people will eventually stop being polite altogether. And, as time passes, that day is drawing closer and closer by the minute. Someone please stop the madness!

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