Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcome to the "Blog"

This is my first attempt at trying out the "blogging"experience. As of now, I don't really have an exact theme for my blog other than having it to be a journal of miscellaneous thoughts and discoveries about my life.

For those who read, feel free to introduce yourself, comment, or maybe crack a fine joke. I'm always in the mood for humor, providing that it's good of course. Right now, this is a fairly quick entry as I'm about to embark on a short trip to Philly to attend my nephew's baby dedication at my brother's church.

Personally, I hope this blog would be the beginning of a wonderul endeavor for me as it would be to whoever reads this. If not, at least it would be some sort of creative outlet for me to vent and express my views (whether offensive or inoffensive).

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