Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Mr. Sensitivity Day

Just a few days back I was out for dinner with a few friends and we were all joking around. But at one point, I joked around a little too much with one of my close friends and I inadvertently ended up hurting him on a personal level. Of course, at the time, I wasn't fully aware of it. But once the next day came, my friend finally approached me and expressed how he felt. After letting him vent, I felt so miserable and apologized to him about the incident.

There are a lot of things people do these days to each other that end up causing deeper wounds than they would expect. Over time, these wounds fester and lead to bitterness and eventually division. Somehow, in today's society, it's almost become a basic taboo to honestly display emotions and confront each other when feelings are hurt.

Rather than say "I'm sorry if I hurt you" or "You know, you did hurt me a lot when you said that," people are more prone to say, "Stop being a wuss!" or "Come on! Get a sense of humor!"

Yes, sometimes we need to strong when we need to be and sometimes we need to have a sense humor when the situation calls for it. But there's nothing wrong with being human and there should never be anything wrong with acting human and treating others like human beings themselves.

Bottom Line:
1.) Learn to aware of each other’s feelings. Jokes can carry too far even when you least expect it.
2.) There's nothing wrong with telling a friend if they hurt you. The more you wait, the worse it will be.

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