Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sluggy Freelance

This is going to be a fairly quick update, so in case I don't include much detail, bear with me. What kind of comic out there talks about two guys, two girls, and their wacky adventures with a sociopathic bunny and an overly hyper ferret? What kinda plot combines horror, conspiracy, adventure, and sci-fi into an elegant mash of hilarious results? That comic is Sluggy Freelance, one of the longest running web comics in the world!

And not only that, the maker of this comic, Pete Abrams, is a fellow New Jerseyan who makes his home at Denville, NJ--only 40 minutes away from where I live. Ain't it cool!

I became a fan of this comic a few years back and I was almost immediately hooked. It might be a little hard to get into the story, since it developed, branched out, and ever-so evolved over the several years it's been online, but that's what its online archives are for, isn't it?

For those interested, the link is Again, a quick access to it can be found in the links section!

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