Wednesday, January 16, 2008

299 Word Novels

Just recently, I stumbled on this very interesting site, featuring a guy who specializes in writing 299 word novels. I found it to be quite nifty (even though these "novels" would technically be called short-shorts in the literary sense)!

The address to his site is and the title of the site is "Very Short Novels".

From now on, this link will also be included in the link section of this blog.

Hmmmm...299 words...thinking I might want to try something like that someday...maybe...perhaps...I think...

1 comment:

davidbdale said...

So, have you tried it yet, Mad Hermit? I'd be eager to see the results.

Traffic has been showing up from this link, so I want to thank you for featuring me here. Very much appreciated.


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