Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Freelance Writing Links (Happy 2008!)

Happy New Year, everyone! It's strange how things tend to fly by so quickly. Well, for this first day of 2008, it's gonna be an early morning post with a few links to some of the freelance writing sites that I tend to stomp around in whenever I'm looking for work or just for the sake of exploring. For those who might be curious or for those who may even actually be considering a side job or a career change, feel free to peruse!

Freelance Writing Jobs - This blog, which is run by a professional blogger (Deborah Ng), pulls writing classifieds from basically everywhere, including Craig's List. It's updated frequently and it's usually the first source I go to for gigs.

FreelanceWriting.com - The name says it all. To look for gigs, simply click on the Freelance Writing Jobs link and it'll send you to the classifieds!

Associated Content - Basically this is the site that I published my first online articles on. It's free to join and they're willing to pay upfront for miscellaneous articles. Associated Content also has a performance bonus for every article they publish from you, allowing you to gain extra money after publication for any web traffic that your articles bring in.

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Hye said...

Hello... Happy New Year to you and your family...

Thanks for sharing these freelance job links. I appreciate it a lot.



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