Monday, January 14, 2008

When Insults Are Just So Tasty!

You know, it’s weird how people developed ways to describe certain people in terms of food.

If you’re a fruit, you’re either gay, crazy, or both.
If you’re nuts, you’re just plain crazy.
If you’re corny, you’re just plain crazy…again.
If you’re a vegetable, you’re brain-dead.
If you’re a couch potato, you watch too much TV.
If you’re an egg-head, you’re way too smart.
If you’re cheesy, you’re, well…cheesy.
If you’re vanilla, you’re plain and boring.
If you’re chocolate, you’re black (no racial slur intended).
If you’re peachy, you’re happy/jolly (in a bad, naive way...I think).
If you’re a cracker, you’re a white folk (again, no racial slur intended).
If you’re a piece of cake, you’re too easy.
If you’re a piece of meat, you’re used and exploited.
And if you’re a wiener, you should be insulted.

How weird is it that nearly all of these terms are meant to be insults?

1 comment:

Rick W said...

You missed some, Dave...

bananas - crazy
apple - the object of one's affection ("apply of my eye")
chicken - derogatory term for afraid
beefcake - complimentary term from a woman to a man
doughy - a reference to a few extra pounds
juice - see O.J. Simpson


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