Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If Monsters Existed...

Would the world be a better place if monsters (as in supernatural monsters) really existed? It seems like a strange enough question to ask, but when put under the microscope, there's actually more to it than that.

Assuming that the monsters aren't too overpowered or numerous, would it actually help humanity in the long run?

Here are some of the possible pros:
1.) Since there would be one entity/entities to act as a universal nemesis to mankind, mankind would most likely learn to set aside their differences and learn to fight against it in a unified front rather than with each other.
2.) People would learn to take life less for granted and they'll learn to cherish it more.
3.) Less moral ambiguity. With the existence of monsters, people can now assign a "face" to evil, which is good, especially when that face is absolutely inhuman.
4.) With the constant struggle against monsters, technology can possibly develop at a quickened pace.
5.) The monsters can limit the population of humanity and prevent over-population.

But here are the possible cons:
1.) Depending on the circumstance and the intelligence of the monsters, humanity can lose or even become enslaved by them.
2.) Any technology developed out of the struggle against the monsters may be destructive and may spell disaster for humanity in the long term.
3.) Monsters kill innocent people. Whether or not you see this as population control, killing innocent people is still killing innocent people.
4.) The existence of supernatural monsters doesn't necessarily mean a unified humanity. Certain governments or factions may attempt to exploit or even "domesticate" these creatures for their own agenda.
5.) The existence of supernatural monsters can divide humanity even more, especially in terms of the world religions, who may end up arguing over the nature of these creatures as a whole.

Would the world be a better place with monsters? Hard to say.


alpha3six said...

I think the existence of monsters would not unite humanity at all. Nations have gone to war to quash internal dissent and unrest. An eternal war against monsters would therefore become the perfect justification for those in power to wrest even more power in the name of survival of the nation and humanity. Marginal elements of society or other can be swept aside in the name of unity, and corruption would run rampant as it always does when the powerful enjoy uncontested rule.

As far as relations between nations is concerned, selfishness would play a huge role and countries would first seek to ensure their own survival before committing their forces to the defense of an ally. Sacrificing lives to defend an enemy would be unthinkable.

Jesse said...

I'd say it depends on how united and powerful the monsters were. If it's just a bunch of random monster attacks that plague people who stray too far from civilization or happen to be unlucky, then yeah, it would probably serve as more of a political tool than anything else. But if the monsters were organized and going after human civilization in general, there is a chance you'd see people start forming alliances against them. As with everything else, human nature would play its part, and some people would find ways to profit, but you might see some temporary unity formed in the face of overwhelming opposition.


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