Thursday, January 24, 2008

Think You Could Make An Easy Living From Blogging?

For those of you who think they could make a living from blogging or even strike it rich from blogging, you should definitely read this entry (click the word "entry") made by the professional blogger, Darren Rowse, of

During the first few weeks of blogging, I've seen hundreds of blog sites advertising ways to strike it rich from opening a blog (many of them guaranteeing a livable income within only a few months). Well, this is reality and I'm thankful that I learned that fact very early in the game. Although, before, I was a little bright eyed about become a professional blogger as soon as I opened this blog, I now mostly run this blog simply out of sheer enjoyment. Either way, whether I'll someday become a professional blogger or not, making a living off of blogging requires the same thing that any other job requires--HARD WORK.

For all you prospective bloggers out there who think they could take short-cuts to riches just from blogging, time to wake up!

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