Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Conan the Barbarian - By Crom!!!!

I just recently played the Xbox version of the "Conan" saga. Although the game is pretty much hack and slash with bad camera angles, I must admit, it's definitely a good game to release heat.

Supposedly the game is more faithful to the original Conan novels, so I did have a huge testosterone fix simply by playing it (slaying your enemies, hearing their whimpering cries as you dismember them in many directions, and having your way with bound women). Well, enough of that.

Afterwards, I did a little research on Conan and the Hyborean Age (the fictional time frame that the saga takes place). Turns out, Conan and his Cimmerian race is based off of the Celtic civilization. In fact, Conan itself is an Irish name as well as Crom (the god he worships). I already knew about Conan being an Irish name and all, but I never suspected Crom to be one (it's actually the name of a Celtic god). I find this very interesting, because Conan O'Brian, the late night host, keeps mentioning that people use to joke a lot about his "barbarian" name.

But now, in retrospect, it's not so unusual that Conan O'Brian would share the same name of some ancient barbarian warrior of old--they're both Irish! BY CROM!!!!!


Jesse said...

Ah, Conan. Crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him, and hearing the lamentation of their women. I grew up watching the "Conan the Adventurer" cartoons, so I always thought Conan was a good guy, but then I saw the movies and read the books and he really wasn't. Usually, he's just a lesser evil compared to what he's fighting, and he's only fighting those evils because either a.he's stealing something from them, or b. they kidnapped a girl he wants to sleep with.

I haven't played the XBox game yet. How does it compare to God of War?

David Yuen said...

Though I haven't played "God of War", but from what I've heard of it, "God of War" is, by far, the greater game.

Overall, "Conan" is a great game for venting frustration, but its graphics are only mediocre and its camera angles can become frustrating.

But the thing that's really great about "Conan" is the campiness factor. Not only do you get to slice people in half and do many other unwholesome acts to them, but you can also go around and rescue topless maidens who then say things like, "Please, crush me with the force of your love!"

Is it as graphic as the novels? Violence wise, maybe. Sex wise, not by far. But hey, where else in the world could you hear such phrases as "Crom laughs at your weakness!" or "It was a good day to die" whenever you allow Conan to bite the dust?

If I would ever recommend this game, I would say that, unless you're a die hard Conan fan, this games worth only a rental.


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